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Professionally Configured and Deployed

Whether your employees use smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, or other tech, device deployment can be a challenge — especially if your IT resources are limited. Our Professionally Configured and Deployed Services enable you to outsource the configuration and kitting of your devices to ensure seamless deployment across your enterprise. Our team of mobility solutions consultants will procure and set up your entire fleet of devices, installing the operating systems, security features, connectivity platforms, and applications you need for your business. We will kit your devices with accessories, label them for asset tracking, and test them rigorously to ensure they are ready to work right out of the box. Then we handle the logistics of getting the right device to the right user, anywhere in the world.

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Benefits of Choosing MTech for Device Provisioning

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Deployment Speed

Our experienced technicians offer the ability to easily provision large device fleets. We handle thousands of mobile devices per month and can work with your schedule and budget.

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Quality Control

Each device receives thorough quality assurance testing before it is deployed. It will arrive charged, loaded, and fully functional from the moment it’s unpacked. Plus, having one provisioner ensures consistency.

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IT Asset Management

Never lose track of a deployed device. As part of our provisioning process, each device will be tagged with the following: a serial number, asset ID number, IMEI number, SIM number, and a shipping number.

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Configurable Solutions

MTech offers highly customized device provisioning and deployment services. From software and operating systems to wireless carriers and necessary peripherals, we can configure a device for your unique use case. With a security ensurance that all data is secure.

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Vendor Agnostic

We can support device provisioning and deployment for any (or multiple) hardware manufacturers, operating systems, software applications, and wireless carriers. This flexibility allows us to work on both new upgrades or legacy devices.


In-House Solutions

All device provisioning is managed in-house to help speed up timelines and lessen the number of hands in the process. Having our qualified technicians overseeing all aspects of staging and deployment ensures consistent meeting of our high standards of quality.

Solution IT Lifecycle

Review the IT lifecycle and learn how MTech offers assistance at each stage along the way.

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us

You can rely on MTech to be available 24/7/365 to answer your queries and help address issues, and our team provides unparalleled service, down to the last detail. Our global locations offer multilingual support, so businesses worldwide can inquire about their device provisioning and deployment options. Our team has manufacturer- and device-specific expertise, enabling them to recommend and set up new software and hardware choices that will meet your case needs, or to work with your existing mobile devices. And deployment is just the beginning of the support you’ll receive, as MTech offers services throughout every stage of the device lifecycle, including repairs, replacements, and recycling. Whatever you need to keep your mobile devices in peak condition, whenever you need it, give us a call.

Why Work With MTech

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Speed of Service

Remove the concern for down time. With our quick and efficieny service you'll get the device you need in no time at all.

Global Reach

Global Solutions

Having a global present means you benefit from assitance anywhere, anytime. Out team of bilingual experts can get you what you need.

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Certified Minority Business

We know what it's like to be a a unique business, and we are here to help you thrive and grow through our line of mobile devives and services.