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Travel Industry Technology on the Go

Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruise Lines, and Airports employ advanced travel technology to boost efficiency, engage customers, and evolve processes, driving a transformative evolution in the industry. From streamlined check-ins to transaction processing, mobile devices have become indispensable tools for travel industry staff, revolutionizing how they manage operations, engage with passengers, and ensure a seamless journey. Embark on a journey through the dynamic landscape of MTech mobile solutions for the travel industry. Delve into the transformative impact and operational efficiencies these solutions bring the industry.

Popular Applications


From passenger and guest check-in to food and beverage transaction processing, transform workflows and drive efficiency through payment and scanning-enabled mobile and kiosk solutions.

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Cashless Solutions

Eliminate employees fumbling over cash or cumbersome payments. With mobile solutions for the travel industry you have a compact method to accept all forms of cashless payments.

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Inventory Management

With a variety of travel-related inventory and stocking requirements, you need a cost-effective, highly efficient way to scan and seamlessly manage inventory using integrated mobile solutions.

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Line Busting

Eliminate or reduce long waits in line that can diminish the customer experience. Mobile solutions designed for line busting will enable staff to take check-in or check-out customers with integrated payment and printing options.

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MTech Travel Solution Benefits

Baggage Transit

Utilize mobile scanning solutions to scan and track baggage efficiently, providing real-time information to airline/hotel/cruise line systems and ensuring passengers and guests are updated when bags are processed.

Cashless Cabin

Allow passengers to purchase food, drink, and accessories in-cabin without having to worry about cash. Just tap or swipe and go with a mobile solution making flight attendant’s job a breeze.


Provide pilots and crew members with devices to help them quickly access information and tools needed to help them operate the craft and provide a smooth and efficient flight for all.


Whether checking bags before security or checking in at the gate, mobile devices and kiosks can speed up the process and boost passenger satisfaction, helping to get them to their final destination faster.


Getting food ordered, divided between flights, and delivered accordingly is a process. Ensure you don’t miss a bag of peanuts by using a mobile solution that helps efficiently move through material.


Monitor routine checks and never miss maintenance again with a reliable mobile solution collecting data, images, and processing information specific to the travel industry.

Passenger Mobility

Help passengers get where they need. Effortlessly guide passengers to their destinations using mobile devices and kiosks, enabling smooth communication and seamless information sharing among staff members.

Airport Commerce

Stay profitable during long layovers and delayed flights, through food and vendor businesses in the terminals. Offer a quick and easy checkout solution for passengers coming and going.

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