Asset Recovery and Disposition

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Asset Recovery and Disposition Services

What can a business do with mobile devices that are no longer wanted because they are broken or outdated? MTech’s asset recovery and IT asset disposition (ITAD) services offer several sustainable options: repair or refurbish devices, breaking down and recycling parts, and destroying devices. We grade the devices, assess their condition, and track where they end up. Letting MTech act as the ITAD middleman is convenient, efficient, and safe.

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Benefits of Choosing MTech for Asset Recovery and ITAD Services


Customer Satisfaction

Customer care extends beyond the purchase of a device, all the way through to the end of its utility. Gain satisfaction through knowing their IT asset disposal will be handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Minimal Changing of Hands

None of our work is ever outsourced; all asset recovery and disposition services are handled in-house. This practice provides you with peace of mind, as IT assets are processed with the maximum level of security.

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Minimize Business Risks

Our ITAD services enable customers to get rid of devices that are outdated and no longer compliant with industry standards, allowing you to upgrade them before noncompliance causes legal issues for the business.

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Increased Product Lifecycle

With asset recovery management, any device that has reached the end of its usefulness could be repurposed. Items that one customer no longer needs could be refreshed and resold, further increasing their lifecycle.

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Custom Program

The various options offered with our ITAD services ensure that your business needs are met. Whether you want to recoup funds through refurbished resale, or receive certification of destruction, we can help.

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Personal Info Kept Safe

Protecting sensitive information and complying with data security and environmental regulations is key. We certify that all devices are wiped clean of all data before they are repurposed or destroyed.

Solution IT Lifecycle

Explore the IT lifecycle and understand how MTech can be there to help you at every step.

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us

MTech offers world-class support 24/7/365 to answer any questions and help resolve issues, providing unparalleled service with attention to detail. Our asset recovery and disposition services are no exception. When your mobile devices reach the end-of-life stage, we can help you handle their retirement in responsible, sustainable ways that protect both the environment and your sensitive information. Whether you need to recover value from your unwanted devices by refurbishing them for resale or recycling the parts, or need to mitigate risks by ensuring the devices and all data are completely destroyed, we’ll tailor a solution you can trust. Whatever you need for your mobile devices at any lifecycle stage, whenever you need it, give us a call.

Why Work With MTech

repair or refurbish

Repair or Refurbish

Let us help you remarket the devices to recover some of the initial investment and maximize the value of unwanted items.



In recycling devices we are able to use parts to repair other legacy equipment, allowing us to help both the customer the device came from and others.



We dispose of devices based on government mandate or company policy. Sending them to our regulated centers to be wiped of all data and certifiably destroyed.