Solution as a Service

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Unlock Efficiency with SaaS for Rapid Deployment and Seamless Tech Management

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient device management is crucial for maintaining mobile workforce productivity and connectivity. MTech’s Solution as a Service (SaaS) program removes the complexity and headaches by enabling organizations to easily and affordably purchase hardware, accessories, software, and IT services from a single provider at a predictable monthly cost. By integrating our suite of managed mobility and onsite professional services, we ensure that your technology ecosystem is always running smoothly, optimizing workforce performance without the burden of significant upfront investments. At the contract’s conclusion, flexible options further enhance our offering, allowing for device returns, outright purchases, or program extensions to suit your evolving needs.

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Empowering Businesses Through Technology

Enhance your enterprise’s operational efficiency with our Ready Out of the Box program. This comprehensive package offers a cost-effective path to the latest technology, designed to meet enterprise-level needs with a focus on flexibility and innovation. Our program simplifies technology management, from device logistics to end-user support, ensuring your tech stack is seamlessly integrated and efficiently managed.

Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Device Logistics and Repair: Ensuring operational continuity with minimal disruption.
  • Asset Recovery and Disposition: Maximizing the value of your technology investments.
  • Lifecycle Management: From deployment to disposal, a complete solution for your tech needs.
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Benefits of our Solution as a Service Program

Best price

Predictable Budget

Customizable plans ensure value and affordability, with flexible options for predictable financial planning.

repair and replacement

Device and OS Agnostic

No need to worry about if a device is covered, while we are a Samsung Titanium Partner we work with all devices and operating systems. ​

device agnostic

Upgrade or Extend

Flexible program options that can be tailored to suit your needs enable organizations to easily purchase, return or extend your existing program.

device services anytime

Mitigate Downtime

Our team understands that device downtime is not an option. We offer outstanding 24/7/365 tech support via email, phone or online chat.


Single Point of Contact

As a true full-service managed mobility solutions provider, we eliminate the headache of dealing with multiple vendors for large tech deployments.


Anywhere, Anytime Service

With offices in the US, EMEA, and Asia PAC, MTech is a global solutions provider offering service in multiple languages to ensure you get the help and support you need.

Solution IT Lifecycle

Review the IT lifecycle & MTech’s commitment to support you throughout the journey.

Let SaaS Free Up Your IT Staff and Budget

Rest assured that MTech is always accessible, 24/7/365, to address your inquiries, resolve issues, and deliver unrivaled service with meticulous attention to detail. Our global team boasts manufacturer- and device-specific expertise, ensuring swift and efficient repairs whenever needed. As a Samsung Titanium partner, we possess the highest qualifications to restore your Samsung tablet or any other device to its optimal condition. Moreover, we prioritize responsible and sustainable device recycling, with a strong focus on data destruction to eliminate the risks of data breaches. Contact us anytime you require assistance maintaining your fleet of mobile devices at peak performance levels.

Why Work With MTech

Global Reach

Solution-Led Experience

A program that provides immediate, creditable, and repeatable offering that provides a completely integrated solution designed specifically for businesses using customer’s approved line of hardware and software products.

certified minority business

Global Certified Solution Providers

Delivered by a single certified, full-service solution provider that utilizes its own patented products, technicians, facilities, and system to design, produce, deliver, and service SaaS in multiple regions of the world.

consulting services

Complete SaaS Financial Models

A simplified program to serve the needs of large enterprise implementations. Featuring flexible payment solutions with no upfront financial requirements and aligned refresh cycles.

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SaaS Without Financial Liability

A program branded and offered by MTech Financial Services that reduces the delivery risk by relying on a single certified provider and financial underwriter that insulates companies from any delivery or financial liability.