Solution as a Service

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Removing the Headache from Your Device Management

Solution as a Service (SaaS) empowers your mobile teams to stay connected via the modern devices they depend on. As your organization invests in and deploys leading technology solutions, you must consider the cost and heavy lifting associated with traditional device management. Allow our experienced team to take on that heavy lift for you at an affordable and reasonable expense. 

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Benefits of Choosing MTech for SaaS

Best price

Priced Right for You

Our team works with you to build a plan that suits your business' individual needs while staying within budget. You wont break the bank to have great support with a low fixed rate.

repair and replacement

Best Product Line

With our SaaS solution you have access to the latest and greatest products on the market. No need to use outdated, obsolete, hardware when on our SaaS program.

device agnostic

Device and OS Agnostic

No need to worry about if a device is covered, while we are a Samsung Titanium Partner, we still work with all devices and operating systems to ensure you are using your preferred hardware.

device services anytime

Fast and Friendly

Downtime is nearly non-existant, especially through a SaaS solution. You get the products you need fast with quick turn around times and repairs while working with our team of experts.


Bundled Support

SaaS isn't just for hardware, you can bundle your services to include hardware, support, repair, and so much more. Our full service line is available to you when on a SaaS Plan with us.


Anywhere, Anytime

Being a global solutions provider we are available around the clock and in multiple languages to ensure you get the help and support you need right away.

Solution IT Lifecycle

Review the IT lifecycle and MTech's commitment to supporting you throughout the journey.

Let SaaS Free Up Your IT Staff and Budget

Rest assured that MTech is always accessible, 24/7/365, to address your inquiries, resolve issues, and deliver unrivaled service with meticulous attention to detail. Our global team boasts manufacturer- and device-specific expertise, ensuring swift and efficient repairs whenever needed. As a Samsung Titanium Partner, we possess the highest qualifications to restore your Samsung tablet or any other device to its optimal condition. Moreover, we prioritize responsible and sustainable device recycling, with a strong focus on data destruction to eliminate the risks of data breaches. Contact us anytime you require assistance maintaining your mobile devices at peak performance levels.

Why Work With MTech

Global Reach


We supply worldwide project management, service, and support capabilities.

certified minority business

Certified Minority Business

MTech is always here to help, especially as a MBE-certified, you meet your DEI goals.

consulting services


Skilled support from MTech employees with multi-language capabilities.