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High Quality Solutions for Your Healthcare Application

Healthcare providers worldwide turn to MTech for a one-stop shop of mobile technology, software, services and support in healthcare applications. Some of the biggest healthcare providers have qualified our solutions in this strict and highly regulated industry. Helping us provide a better, longer lasting, solution for your facility. Devices for healthcare are designed with toxin-resistant material for disease control, and we have established compliant processes to label, kit, package, and document the mobile healthcare technology you receive. We back our solutions with managed services throughout their lifecycle, including end-of-life processes that ensure all PHI is wiped from devices for data protection and privacy following HIPAA guidelines.

Popular Applications

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Improve Patient Care and Communication

Arm your clinicians and nurses with tablets, mobile computers, and smart phones to collect patient data, improve staff communication, and move more easily between patients with a ruggedized device that resists damage from liquids and drops.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

MTech is a leader in remote patient care technology, designing intuitive solutions for patient use. We also kit solutions, such as tablets with blood pressure cuffs, diabetes monitors, or cardiac monitors, so patients have one, seamless system for monitoring.

Device Protection

Device Protection

MTech cases protect medical tablets in operating rooms and during procedures, giving healthcare practitioners access to the applications and data they need while protecting devices from damage – up to 10x longer use – and controlling the spread of disease.

Home Healthcare Monitoring

Home Healthcare Monitoring

MTech offers solutions specifically designed for home healthcare that assist nurses and physicians in monitoring the stability of patients when not in the healthcare facility. Once monitoring is complete the device is returned to our “dirty room” scrubbed of data and refurbished for its next at home use.

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MTech Healthcare Mobile Solution Benefits


All MTech healthcare solutions comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 as well as HIPAA policies.

A Total Solutions Provider

We are your single source for software, hardware, and managed IT services.

Solutions Consulting

Our experienced team can help you determine the best solution customizations to suit your needs.


MTech tailors mobile healthcare technology to your environment and needs.

A Full Service Solutions for Healthcare Productivity

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, MTech stands out as a distinguished leader, offering unparalleled solutions tailored to the unique use cases of the industry. Discover how we can help you today!

Revolutionizing healthcare by streamlining processes and communication between staff and patients.

Complete Mobile Solutions Provider

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We help clients drive innovation with the right hardware, software, and services.

MTech’s products and services provide a comprehensive and well-rounded mobility solution. Our strategic partnerships ensure we stay ahead of the curve by integrating the latest innovations and technologies to meet your specific industry needs. Check out our complete list of hardware, software, and other partners today!