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A Customizable Mobile Device Solution

The Infinity Series is a cutting-edge line of customized mobile device solutions designed to change your business’ technology experience. With a focus on performance, durability, and versatility, the Infinity Series offers a range of devices tailored to meet the needs of modern businesses. From rugged tablets built to withstand harsh environments to sleek smartphones optimized for productivity, the Infinity Series delivers exceptional quality and reliability. Backed by MTech’s extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, these devices empower organizations to enhance their mobile capabilities and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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Benefits of Using MTech’s Custom Infinity Series

repair and replacement


Here at MTech, we can customize the end solution to fit your exact needs. We work through hours of testing to ensure all critical components are included in your device hardware and no corner is cut.

Best price


Worried about the cost of a custom mobile device solution? No need; we work with you to ensure we stay within your budget while providing you with the best service and solution possible for your business.

consulting services


Through hours of testing, we can guarantee your custom casings will be strong and match every situation they face. From spills and drops in restaurants, to sanitization in hospitals we have you covered.


Easy Charging

Every order comes with a charging station to quickly get your mobile device solutions back on the floor. These charging stations are compact for easy storage. You don't need to remove the case from the device; clip it in and charge it.

device agnostic

Device Agnostic

While we are a certified Samsung Titanium Partner, we offer custom solutions for an array of devices. With this level of diversity we can work with the device and OS that suits you best.



Branding is everything! You want to ensure your customers know your business, not the company that provides your mobile devices. To help with this we offer custom branded straps and casing to help put your name and business out there

Custom Mobile Device Solutions


We build custom casings for tablets and smartphones to protect against everyday wear and tear, cleaning solutions, and major drops.


Give your staff more support, by including custom branded hand or shoulder straps to offer that extra level of security on all devices.


Reduce downtime with our custom charging stations that devices can easily slide into without having to remove casings or straps.


We work to fill your every mobile device need. If you need a custom solution that's outside of the box, our team of experts can build it for you.

Support the Products You Need

MTech’s skilled internal support team remains available 24/7, guiding you through mobile device procurement, implementation, and the entire device lifecycle. Count on us for the information and problem-solving expertise you require at every stage. To minimize downtime, our advanced exchange program swiftly dispatches replacement devices upon repair requests. Furthermore, when you decide to upgrade, we assist in managing recycling and data destruction, ensuring your business remains secure from breaches. Rely on our comprehensive support throughout your devices’ service.

Why Work With MTech


Internal Support

Skilled support from MTech employees with multi-language capabilities.

certified minority business

Minority-Owned Business

MBE-certified to help you meet DEI goals


Global Presence

Worldwide project management, service, and support capabilities