Reporting and Analytics

Unmatched Reporting and Analytics Across Your Mobile Fleet

Having a mobile fleet can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have the tools to properly monitor and track your devices. MTech offers a state of the art reporting and analytics solution that ensures you know exactly what’s happening with your mobile fleet is at all times. Allowing you to monitor device health, deploy mobile updates, and know where your investments are, all from your fingertips. Explore the possibilities of working without reporting and analytics solution today. 

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Benefits of Choosing MTech for Reporting and Analytics

Device Protection

Device Health

Keep track of every item in your mobile fleet and use our reporting and analytics tools to track device health. This will help you determine if or when a device needs to be recycled, replaced, or annual maintenance done.

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Minimal Downtime

When regularly tracking your mobile fleet's analytics, you can reduce and even remove downtime for your devices by catching possible issues before they come to fruition. See the difference frequent monitoring can make in your mobile fleet's longevity and usage.

request portal

Request Portal

Our request portal solution makes mobile fleet repairs and replacements easy. Each customer will receive login credentials to their portal, where requests for device repair, replacement, or recycling are sent and real-time updates are available.


Dashboard Tracking

Our reporting and analytics tools have a personalized dashboard, ready to help you track where devices are, what they are being used for, and if the device requires updates.

MTech's Reporting Solutions

Customizable Dashboards

Each business has different needs when it comes to reporting. We offer the flexibility to build your own dashboard based on the metrics and data that matter most to you.

Inventory and Asset Management

Have visibility to how and where assets are being deployed. Ensure a high level of return on investment with inventory accuracy, tracking of assets, and understanding trends.

Real-Time Data

Never miss a beat with real-time data at your fingertips. With a Salesforce based platform, our solution is robust, flexible, and offers highly secured data in real time.

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