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Advanced Exchange

Advanced Exchange: Device Replacement Made Easy

Device downtime due to loss, theft, or equipment malfunction is an unpredictable inevitability that disrupts productivity, frustrates employees, and leads to lost revenue. You can minimize the impact of downtime by leveraging our advanced exchange program to keep things running smoothly at the point of sale, in the warehouse, or at the patient’s bedside. Our service eliminates the need for your IT or internal staff to manage device inventory, track assets, and configure or repair devices, reducing the burden on your team.

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Benefits of Choosing MTech for Advanced Exchange

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Reduced Wait Times

Minimize downtime through prompt request fulfillment for new devices. These requests are easily submitted via our online service portal. Replacements are dispatched quickly, so that your employees aren’t stuck without the tools they need to keep working efficiently.

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Ready For Use

Just like the devices we initially deployed for you, the replacements from the device exchange will arrive pre-configured, loaded with all firmware, applications, security settings, and connectivity settings you'll need. The devices will be ready to use right out of the box.


Simplifying Maintenance

Through robust reporting and our online service portal, you can easily gain visibility into the status of your device exchange. This insight can help you anticipate when the replacement product will arrive and when the problem device is fixed and returned to the spare pool.


Eliminating Burdens

We manage your inventory, configure replacement devices, handle warranty and RMA claims, provide repair services, and execute logistics to keep your workforce up and running. Our working relationships with OEMs facilitate repairs and resolve warranty-related issues quickly.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Our plan covers manufacturer defects as well as damage from daily wear and tear, including repairs to device casings, triggers, screens, buttons, charging ports, and other internal and external components. Drops and spills will happen, and a device replacement plan provides peace of mind.

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OS Agnostic

MTech’s advanced exchange program is available regardless of which operating system your devices use. We are a Titanium Partner for Samsung, but we also work with Apple and Microsoft devices. This flexibility allows us to offer our next-level services and support across the board.

Solution IT Lifecycle

Delve into the full IT lifecycle and see how MTech offers its support at every step of the way.

Let Advanced Exchange Free Up Your IT Staff and Budget

With MTech, support is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions and help resolve issues. Our global team provides unparalleled service, addressing every detail with our manufacturer- and device-specific expertise. Our advanced exchange program is designed to extend the life of your device fleet and maintain productivity through spares pool management, overnight device replacement, warranty/RMA management, device triage and disposition, and thorough reporting/asset tracking. We’re with you through every stage of the device lifecycle, from initial deployment to responsible and sustainable disposal and recycling. Whatever you need to keep your mobile devices in peak condition, whenever you need it, give us a call.

Why Work With MTech


Speed of Delivery

We’re faster than the competition, reducing the downtime of your devices.

Global Reach

Global Reach

No matter where or when you need a device exchanged, our support team is here for you.

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All-Inclusive Solution

We service all devices regardless of OS, warranty, or reason for exchange.