Tablets and Smartphones

As a Titanium Samsung Partner, we feature Samsung mobile tablets and smartphones that offer durable and flexible solutions for frontline workers.

Harness the Power of Samsung Smartphones and Tablets for Business

No matter the demands of your industry, commercial-grade tablets and smartphones let you communicate, collaborate, and manage day-to-day operations with ease. We can customize any device in Samsung’s extensive line of products, fitting your business needs. The bottom line—your products have to deliver, whether you’re in retail, transportation, medicine, or manufacturing.

Four Benefits to Implementing Tablets and Smartphones in Your Business

Ruggedized tablets and phones


With military-grade durability, our tablets and phones are dependable day after day, year after year.

Long-lasting, replaceable batteries

Stay Powered Longer

Our devices have long-lasting, replaceable batteries that let employees complete their shift with no recharging.


Communication is Key

Push-to-talk technology enables features like always-on voice chat and multimedia sharing apps.

Tablet Accessories

Flexibility is Vital

Accessories like cases, multi-device charging cradles, and hand or shoulder straps make the tough jobs easier.

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MTech's Integrated Solutions

XCover6 Pro

The XCover6 Pro is a rugged smartphone made for whatever the job throws at you, including shock, vibration, dust, sand, and water. And with MTech case integration, it can connect to our devices and function as a POS system so that you can manage payments seamlessly.
Tab Active 3

Tab Active 3

The Tab Active3 is an 8-inch commercial grade tablet that features unmatched durability, long battery life, and a robust ecosystem of software and hardware integrations—including MTech’s POS and payments-enabled technology.

Tab Active4 Pro

The Tab Active4 Pro is a 10-inch commercial grade tablet that provides similar rugged capabilities of the Tab Active3. Provides a larger touchscreen display and setup with MTech’s POS and payments-enabled technology.

Tab Active4 Pro

Commercial-Grade Devices in Your Industry


Take orders tableside with ease.


Checkout customers from anywhere in the store.

Stadiums & Entertainment

Simplify scanning tickets and taking payments.


Efficiently move between patients.

Travel & Transportation

Have logistics and flight details at the tips of your fingers.

Want to learn more about the right commercial tablet or phone solution? Let our team of experts show you the difference it will make in your business.