Samsung DeX Mobile Desktop Technology

Turn your device into a POS desktop workstation

What is DeX Technology?

DeX, or “desktop experience,” is a Samsung technology that allows compatible smartphones and tablets to power a full desktop computer experience on an external display. MTech Mobility’s customized DeX mPOS solutions let merchants easily unlock the potential of their devices to, as a result, your business maximizes productivity.

Four Benefits to Implementing DeX in Your Business

phone and dock

Wireless and Cable

Ditch the cords and cables and connect wirelessly to compatible TVs and smart monitors.


Stand-Alone Mode

Lets you access a desktop experience on your tablet, complete with a keyboard and mouse.

person using a desktop computer

DeX for PCs

With the right software, your phone or tablet can connect directly to your existing Mac or PC.

tablet dock


Users can work on up to five apps at once, resize windows, and drag and drop files with ease.

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MTech's Integrated Solutions

mPOS Solutions

MTech’s integration capabilities allow you to use our Dock and Pay POS system for maximum flexibility made possible by DeX technology. Additionally, you can add your mPOS tablet to a docking station. Doubling as a self-service kiosk. No need to even remove the case! Lastly, to prompt or assist the customer, simply flip the screen around.
MTech Kiosks Custom mPOS

Display Solutions

A small phone or tablet screen won’t cut it if you’re trying to work with a large volume of sales data or payments from multiple sources. Our display options let you extend your screen to a bigger display, from a mid-sized monitor to a 60” TV screen. Eligible devices work with ease based on your connectivity needs.

DeX For Your Industry


For back of house connectivity and ease of management.


Organize inventory and review reporting with ease.

Stadiums & Entertainment

Review ticketing details in large scale when connected.


Making client consultations and documentation simple.

Travel & Transportation

Get passangers where they need to be more efficiently.

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