MTech Announces Expanded Capability for Connected Healthcare Initiatives

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November 18th, 2021 – MTech, a leading global provider of managed mobility and logistics services, today announced an expanded set of services, capabilities and hardware to support the growing remote patient care industry.

  • MTech’s portfolio of capabilities to support short- and long-term patient care includes:
  • Device Deployment, including device configuration and kitting to support various use cases.
  • Device Retrieval, including collection of devices, extensive sanitization, data wipe & restore.
  • Device Repair, including in and out of warranty repair due to accidental damage & defects.
  • End-User Support, including 24x7x365 end-user support via phone, email & live chat.
  • Digital Solutions, including a wide range of software and applications focused on enabling remote patient care and monitoring.
  • Hardware Procurement, including mobile tablets, smartphones, accessories & peripherals of any kind.

“MTech’s focus on delivering services and solutions for the healthcare industry is unmatched,” said Jay Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer for MTech. “We offer the industry’s most robust portfolio of products and services to support short- and long-term management of patient care and chronic conditions. Our experience spans across health plans, provider organizations and technology vendors who all need help with device deployment and retrieval, tracking, management and repair.”

MTech’s healthcare strategy encompasses every element needed to enable effective and managed programs.  “Coupling hardware with world-class services, digital solutions, security software and support is critical to the success of a remote healthcare initiative”, said Gordon.

In 2021, MTech opened multiple operational centers with a specific focus on servicing high compliance industries, including healthcare. These facilities meet or exceed requirements specified by various industry leading certifications, including HiTrust, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

“Our focus on physical and data security is at the forefront of all we do related to deploying and supporting the devices our customers rely on,” said Anthony Fernandez, MTech Vice President of Operations.

MTech has been selected by dozens of healthcare constituents to manage the deployment and ongoing support of remote patient care strategies, including:

  • Health plans that offer members the ability to engage providers in a remote format.
  • Provider organizations embracing mobile technologies to interact with patients for routine visits and management of chronic conditions.
  • Technology vendors that extend capability via applications and content to facilitate engagement between providers and patients as well as track the care received.


About MTech

Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, MTech is a global leader in providing comprehensive managed and repair services for any device, operating system or use case. Offering the industry’s most robust set of mobility and IT services for the enterprise, the company specializes in device preparation and deployment, 7x24x365 multilingual help-desk support, advanced exchange and warranty management, in and out of warranty repair services, telecom expense management services, and more.