MTech Awarded Sonim’s International Call Center

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SARASOTA, FLORIDA – Sonim Technologies, provider of ultra-rugged mobile phones for workers in demanding and hazardous environments, has named Sarasota’s MTech the operator of its international call center.

The announcement comes a year and a half after MTech was named the United States repair center for Sonim.

Through a pilot program that began in July 2017, “MTech proved to Sonim that combining repair, warehouse and call center operations brings synergies that enable faster resolution and a better customer experience,” said Sean Savery, Senior Director of Customer Experience for Sonim Technologies. “MTech delivered an outstanding customer experience that was noticeable in the customer feedback – both from an internal & external customer perspective.”

Sonim’s call center operations have been moved to MTech headquarters in the SRQ Commerce Park in Sarasota, just north of University Parkway and U.S. 301 in southern Manatee County.

“MTech understood that this was a big investment and dramatic transition for us, and they have been an exceptional partner in this move,” said Savery.

“We started taking calls April 1,” said MTech’s Graham Ross, Service Manager over the Customer Experience Center, which can take calls in 156 languages through arrangements with professional interpreting services. “Because we are onsite with the repair center, we can literally walk over to a technician and update the customer in real time,” Ross said.

These efficiencies are part of Sonim’s commitment to serve its entire customer base including its focus on first responders, law enforcement and other public safety customers, an important sector for Sonim. AT&T has launched FirstNet, the country’s first and only communications platform dedicated to public safety, and in support of this important nationwide network, Sonim has designed and launched devices designed for use on the FirstNet network, as well as other network providers.

MTech already has experience supporting mission-critical mobile devices through its support of pilots and flight attendants, said MTech co-founder Anthony Fernandez, vice president of MTech operations and logistics. “We are honored to partner with Sonim Technologies and to help serve those who serve us.”

Sonim, based in San Mateo, California, makes the world’s toughest cell phones for businesses and organizations in demanding and hazardous environments, including defense; manufacturing; oil, gas and chemical operations; public safety; security; utilities; agriculture; and construction. Sonim distributes its devices primarily through multiple North American carriers.  For more information, please visit, or contact Sonim at 1-833-MY-SONIM.

About MTech Mobility

MTech, founded originally as a mobile device repair company, has been recognized for its quality workmanship and focus on providing the highest levels of customer service. Building upon the cornerstone of its operation, MTech provides a comprehensive suite of managed services focused on mobile devices, including provisioning, call center, repair, asset, and life cycle management. MTech offers businesses options to manage their mobile services with quality, flexibility and affordability.

“We are dedicated to supporting the mobile technology businesses rely on every day,” said Tony Fernandez, president and CEO of operations and logistics, and co-founder with his son Anthony. For more information, please visit, or call 1-844 MTECH MDM (683-2463).


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